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L'atelier AKARI


AKARI is a candle shop that specializes in traditional Japanese candles and lamps.


Hidden in a quaint alley in Kagurazaka, Atelier Akari offers traditional candles (warōsoku)from all over Japan.


Made from the nuts of the gobi tree, these hand-crafted botanical candles are great for adding atmosphere to a meal—or just become entranced by the swaying of the flame. 


Please visit  →


Opening hours:  Tue. + Fri.+ Sat.+Sun  12:30 - 18:30

                           (We open according to your request on mon., wed., thu.)

                           Please feel free to contact us in advance)


★3 minutes from "Kagurazaka" (Tozai line) 【No.1】exit

★3 minutes from "Ushigome-Kagurazaka" (O-edo line) 【A3】exit

★10 minutes from "Iidabashi" (JR, Yuraku-cho line, Nanboku line) 【West】exit



6-73 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku.Tokyo 162-0825

mail:     Tel: 03-6280-8573



* e-mail order/delivery service is available!


L'atelier AKARI original gift box (above photo)

  4 pieces of traditional Japanese candles (wa-rousoku)

  + 1 white candle stand (black stand upon your request)

  Price: 2000yen(including tax)/set + delivery fee

  Gifty wrapped (black paper box)


 Please contact us by e-mail or call.


 call:      +81-3-6280-8573

MATCHA Japan travel web magazine cited our shop!




"Traditional Japanese candles (warosoku) are truly exquisite items made with plant based wax. While there are only few craftsmen left who can make them nowadays, Atelier AKARI takes care that this wonderful craft is not forgotten.

Charming Japanese Candles – The World of Atelier AKARI, Kagurazaka | MATCHA – Japan Travel Web Magazine

In his essay on the features of traditional Japanese aesthetics titled “In Praise of the Shadows“,..."



★ No.1 English Free paper "Metropolis" cited us!



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